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Why you should pay for braces in installments 

Why you should pay for braces in installments 

In a world where a bright smile and perfectly aligned teeth are considered essential elements of an aesthetic and healthy image, many people face the question: why should I get dental braces? Opting to correct your dental alignment is not only an aesthetic decision, but also one that brings significant benefits for long-term oral health. In this article, we will explore the reasons why orthodontic treatment is beneficial and why you should consider getting dental braces in installments, so you can enjoy a flawless smile. 

Fixed braces vs mobile dental braces 

When it comes to correcting dental alignment, there are two main options: fix braces and mobile dental braces. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice depends on the individual needs and preferences of each patient, an agreed braces payment plan compatible with the financial possibilities of the patient, as well as the orthodontist’s recommendations. 

If you choose fix braces, this is the traditional and efficient option for correcting dental alignment. It consists of brackets that are attached to the surface of the teeth and are connected by a metal wire. Fixed braces have the ability to correct more complex dental alignment issues and provide stable and long-lasting results. 

On the other hand, mobile dental braces are a more discreet and comfortable option. They consist of a series of plastic aligners that are worn on the teeth and are gradually changed to correct dental alignment. Mobile braces are easier to maintain and offer flexibility and comfort during treatment. 

How to pay in installments for braces at Dr Kurbe 

At Dr. Kurbe Center, we want every patient to have access to the highest quality dental alignment treatments. That’s why we offer an accessible braces payment plan, to make this process as convenient as possible for your family, whether you need dental braces for yourself or braces for kids,  

Because we know you’re interested in braces price Bucharest, you can contact our team and schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss the braces payment plan, your needs, and the available treatment options. 

Our team of specialist orthodontists will work with you to provide the most efficient and comfortable dental alignment treatment with braces. Plus, by selecting the option of braces in installments, you’ll be able to pay for treatment in a favorable way. 

Enjoy a flawless smile at Dr. Kurbe Center 

At Dr. Kurbe Center, we pride ourselves on providing accessible braces payment plans and quality orthodontic services in a comfortable and friendly environment. Regardless of the treatment option you choose (fix braces or mobile dental braces, adult braces or braces for kids) or the financing option (full payment or braces in installments), we want to offer you a flawless and healthy smile that will make you feel confident every day. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about dental braces price, braces price Bucharest and the option of dental braces in installments. Enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile at Dr. Kurbe Center! 

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