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Liposuction – Quickly removes fat

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Liposuction – Quickly removes fat

Beauty is a concept that has fascinated us since the beginning, being an expression of harmony and symmetry.

You, as a woman, have surely thought at least once in your life about resorting to aesthetic treatments, whether it is a surgical treatment or non-surgical one. Maybe the shape of your nose is not what you want, you want an intervention at the level of the breasts, or maybe you are a new mother and you feel that the abdomen is not what it was before the pregnancy, because the fat seems to stick around.

It is good to know that today you can resort to any intervention to feel good in your skin, and today we will talk about the liposuction procedure.

What is liposuction?

This procedure is a surgical intervention in which fat from any part of the body, hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, is removed through various special medical techniques, helping to achieve the desired silhouette by defining the contour of the body.

What is good to know is that by performing this intervention at Dr. Kurbe, we guarantee that the body will recover quickly, thanks to the techniques used. An important thing to note is that these types of cosmetic treatments are not quick weight loss methods, but surgical treatments. A healthy diet and exercise can never be replaced by some interventions, even if they are less aggressive than others. To get what you want in aesthetics Bucharest, our specialists recommend that the liposuction procedure be used to get rid of excess fat, but a healthy lifestyle must be adopted to achieve the best results. When to turn to liposuction It is recommended to resort to liposuction only when diet and exercise have not achieved the desired results, as this intervention is not used to provide physical health benefits but to improve the physical appearance.

Therefore, liposuction can be used when it is desired to treat areas where adipose tissue is resistant. A specialist consultation beforehand is vital, because only a specialist doctor can recommend some surgical treatments, liposuction not being recommended for those with health problems such as diabetes, immune diseases or coronary artery disease. 

Recovery after liposuction

Like after any other surgery, sleep is one of the best ways to heal the body, but there are 4 stages in post-liposuction recovery. The first days It is necessary to wear compression garments or elastic bandages to cover the area where the procedure was performed. This prevents swelling and helps to heal faster.

Weeks 1-2

After the first days in which you rested more, the intensity of the pain decreases, so you can return to work after two weeks, but without exerting physical effort.

Weeks 3-5

After a month, you should no longer feel any pain, even if the swelling is not completely gone. By that time the bumps and bruises disappear, the results will be more and more flattering.

Week 6

After the 6th week, the results will be more and more pronounced, but it is important to stay in contact with the specialist doctor and go for check-ups to make sure you have the results you want. As mentioned in the beginning, if you intend to perform this aesthetic intervention in Bucharest, or if you have already performed it, keep in mind the importance of sports and a balanced diet. You will see that the three combined will bring you only satisfaction! We are waiting for you at Dr. Kurbe Center for a specialist consultation with one of our doctors and you will only benefit from quality services.

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