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Goiter liposuction – What is it and what are the benefits

Goiter liposuction - What is it and what are the benefits

Goiter liposuction – What is it and what are the benefits

The goiter liposuction procedure is the intervention that removes the fatty layer under the chin. In short, this is the procedure by which the appearance of “goiter” is corrected. This appearance is not caused by old age or weight, and even very thin people can have it.

Goiter aesthetic intervention is very common and very little invasive, so the recovery is also extremely fast.

It is important to note that if the size of the goiter is significant, then other facial surgery procedures such as a neck lift are recommended.

About the intervention

The goiter liposuction procedure is quick and performed under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in that area, where the cannula, the thin tube with which the intervention is performed, is inserted and attached to the vacuum. It will be moved through the layer of fat to break up and remove the fat, contouring the neck.

During the recovery period, the patient wears a chin strap for support, and anti-inflammatories are prescribed if discomfort is felt.

Even if the post-intervention rest period is short, it is recommended not to do physical exertion, as this can lead to the appearance of swelling.

The benefits of the intervention 

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the procedure is the removal of fat from under the beard, having the ability to strengthen the muscles and to effectively remove the goiter. The benefits of this facial aesthetic procedure are: 

– Removal of goiter safely, efficiently and quickly; 

– Defining the jaw; 

– Fat reduction; 

– Restoring the self-confidence of the person undergoing this facial surgery procedure; 

– The rejuvenated appearance of the girl.

In addition to all these mentioned advantages, it is vital to know that the results are long-lasting, maybe even permanent, if the person does not gain too much weight and always stays the same, or more or less the same kilos. That is why this procedure is also one of the most preferred by patients – both women and men. 

At the same time, it is also one of the safest procedures, and more than that… the fat removed from the groin area can be distributed to other areas of the face… Even if the full recovery will take several months, the results will be visible from the first week after the intervention. 

Even though liposuction of the goiter is a safe outpatient procedure with very few complications, a specialist consultation beforehand is extremely important. Together with the specialist, you will see if the skin is elastic enough to guarantee a good result – for example, it is not recommended for overweight people because the fat layer they have is deeper. 

The specialists at Dr. Kurbe Center are there to answer any question you may have and are there for you all the way, both pre- and post-intervention. With us you will find the best and most advanced techniques precisely because we care about the well-being of the patients who cross our threshold!

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