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Facial peeling – the secret to healthy and radiant skin

Peeling facial – secretul pentru o piele sănătoasă și strălucitoare

Facial peeling – the secret to healthy and radiant skin

Facial peeling is one of the most used facial treatments for a healthy glow and rejuvenated skin. It is an essential cosmetic treatment in the skincare routine, contributing to the removal of dead cells, cleaning pores, and improving skin texture. Additionally, this treatment aids in collagen stimulation and acne combat. If you’re considering facial peeling, read on.

What is facial peeling?

The facial peeling procedure is a non-invasive one that uses chemical substances to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin. Unlike abrasive creams or exfoliants, chemical substances are used in this type of facial treatment. The primary purpose is to eliminate dead cells, stimulate cellular regeneration, and improve the overall appearance of the skin. The procedure can be customized based on individual skin needs and can address various issues such as acne, pigmentation spots, fine lines, and uneven texture. It is important to undergo this treatment at an aesthetic clinic rather than attempting it at home. If you’re interested in facial treatments in Bucharest, the dedicated team at Dr. Kurbe Center is ready to help you discover the best methods to care for your skin.

Types of facial peeling

Chemical Peeling: Uses chemical substances such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid for skin exfoliation.

Enzymatic Peeling: Relies on natural enzymes, such as those from fruits, to dissolve dead skin cells.

Mechanical Peeling (not a chemical peeling): Utilizes an abrasive agent, such as fine crystals or microscopic particles, to remove dead skin cells.

Benefits of facial peeling

Efficient exfoliation: One of the main advantages of facial peeling treatment is the deep and efficient exfoliation of the skin. This process removes dead cells, opens pores, and prevents the formation of blackheads and acne.

Stimulation of cellular regeneration: Facial peeling activates the natural cellular regeneration process, aiding in the production of new and healthy cells, contributing to a fresh and radiant complexion.

Anti-aging: Facial peeling can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to a younger and firmer-looking skin. The chemicals used in peeling can stimulate collagen production, essential for skin elasticity.

Evening skin tone: Uneven pigmentation and dark spots can be alleviated through facial peeling. The procedure helps even out the skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Acne treatment: Facial peeling can be an effective option for treating acne and scars caused by it. The chemicals used help clean the pores and prevent the formation of pimples.

Deep hydration: Facial peeling opens the way for better absorption of moisturizing products, contributing to maintaining the optimal skin hydration level.

Steps of a facial peeling session

Pre-assessment: Before starting the procedure, a skin evaluation is performed to determine the appropriate type of peeling and avoid potential adverse reactions.

Cleansing: The skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove impurities and makeup.

Application of peeling solution: The chemical substance is evenly applied to the skin.

Exfoliation: As the solution takes effect, the exfoliation of dead skin cells occurs.

Neutralization or removal: Depending on the type of peeling, the solution may be neutralized or removed to stop the chemical action.

Hydration and sun protection: Moisturizer and sun protection are applied to protect the freshly exfoliated skin. It’s important to note that the chemical peeling procedure is recommended in the cold season.

Post-treatment: After a facial peeling session, it is essential to avoid sun exposure and use recommended skincare products to maintain results and prevent potential irritations.

Facial peeling is an effective way to revitalize your skin and restore its radiance. At Dr. Kurbe Center, an aesthetic clinic in Bucharest, our team of specialists offers personalized facial peeling services tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Discover the secret to healthy and radiant skin by scheduling a consultation at Dr. Kurbe Center. Your skin’s health deserves the best treatments!

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