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Bichectomy: A surgical procedure to define the contour of the face

Bichectomy A surgical procedure to define the contour of the face

Bichectomy: A surgical procedure to define the contour of the face

Fat bichectomy, also known as fat lip reduction or buccal fat pouch surgery, is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure designed to contour and emphasize a person’s facial features. This intervention consists in removing fat accumulated in the oral areas, also called “bichecti”, to achieve a slimmer and more defined appearance of the face. In this article, we will explore in more detail the fat bichectomy procedure and the important aspects related to it.

What are Bichects and why does fat accumulate in this area?

Bichecti are bags of fat located in the cheek area, under the cheek muscles. These fat deposits are part of the anatomical structure of the face and have an evolutionary purpose, but they can create a “fluffy” or rounder appearance of the face if too much fat accumulates in this area. This excessive accumulation of fat in the bichecti can be influenced by genetic factors, age, and diet.

The purpose of Fat Bichectomy

The main purpose of fat bichectomy is to thin and contour the appearance of the face. People who think their lips are too big or round and want a more defined face can opt for this procedure. In addition, bichectomy may also be recommended to correct facial asymmetries.

How Fat Bichectomy is performed

The fat bichectomy procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Here are the main steps of the procedure:

Preoperative consultation: Before the procedure, the patient discusses with the plastic surgeon his expectations and treatment plan. The doctor evaluates the facial structure and discusses the potential risks and benefits of the intervention.

Anesthesia: The lip and cheek area is anesthetized to prevent pain during the procedure.

Small incisions: The surgeon makes small incisions, usually inside the mouth, to access the buccal fat pockets.

Fat extraction: Fat is carefully removed from the bichecti so that a slimmer facial appearance is achieved.

Closing the incisions: The incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures and the patient can go home the same day.

Recovery after Fat Bichectomy

Recovery from fat bichectomy is usually quick with little discomfort. Patients may experience swelling and tenderness in the cheek area for a few days, but these symptoms disappear over time. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding diet and oral care to prevent possible complications.

Risks and Warnings

Like any surgical procedure, fat bichectomy carries certain risks, including infection, bleeding, or adverse reactions to anesthesia. It is essential to consult an experienced plastic surgeon and consider all aspects of the procedure before deciding to have it.

Fat bichectomy is an effective cosmetic procedure for people who want to achieve a slimmer and more contoured face. However, it’s important to keep in mind that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, and all surgical procedures involve risks. Always consult a specialist to discuss the options that are right for you and to ensure that you are ready to follow the appropriate recovery process.

If you want a more defined facial contour and a younger appearance, bichectomy may be the answer. We are here to discuss with you how bichectomy can help you improve your confidence and beauty. Contact us for a personalized consultation!

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