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All about endodontics

Totul despre endodonție

All about endodontics

Surely, we all know how important it is to have healthy teeth, but not all of us were gifted with “perfect” and easy-to-maintain teeth. If you also belong to the second category, then regular visits to a dental clinic are very important to be seen by a dentist to treat the various problems that may arise.But fear not, dental procedures have become painless and quick thanks to technological advances in this field. Let’s find out more about endodontics together.

What is endodontics?

The term endodontics comes from the Greek language and means “the inside of the tooth”. What this means? Over time, endodontics has become the specialty in dental medicine that deals with the various prevention techniques and especially the treatment of soft tissue conditions inside the tooth. Therefore, endodontic treatment methods help the patient to keep his teeth healthy and natural as much as possible.

What is the purpose of this type of treatment?

The doctor specializing in endodontics deals only with the treatment of dental canals. These are sections of the tooth that start from the tip of the root, go all the way through it and end in the crown of the tooth. The canal contains the nerve and blood vessels, forming the “dental pulp”, which otherwise protects the tooth. The pulp of the tooth also senses temperature changes, which is why we can feel discomfort when we eat foods that are too hot or too cold. So, once the dental pulp has been affected by caries, it can no longer repair itself, requiring endodontic treatment. It is very important, however, that this treatment is done from the very beginning, in order not to trigger an infection, which is even more difficult to treat and normally, more expensive. 

The differences between a dentist and an endodontist

While a dentist is a generalist, the endodontist has a specialization in this branch of dental medicine.

Also, the treatments performed by the endodontist are more complex than those of a dentist, requiring the latter to participate in several training programs in order to perform treatments at a high-quality level.

The advantages of an endodontic treatment

Certainly, many of us are afraid of visiting a dental clinic, but it is very important to mention that thanks to the instruments used, digital imaging, magnification and lighting methods and especially the superior quality of modern anesthetics, this procedure is simple and painless, being also very effective. This not only gives us a pleasant appearance, very close to the natural tooth, but also protects the neighboring teeth from bacteria, so that they are not affected in turn.

After the endodontic procedure is completed, it is important to follow proper oral hygiene as well as make regular visits to the dentist to ensure that the teeth remain healthy and in optimal shape. We assure you that at Dr. Kurbe Center, this procedure is performed at the highest standards, using only the highest quality equipment and materials.

Our clinic offers complete dental services in the dental field and our team consists only of specialists, so we are waiting for you to leave your teeth in our hands.

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