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About orthodontics and the role of an orthodontist specialist

Despre ortodonție și rolul unul specialist ortodont

About orthodontics and the role of an orthodontist specialist

The word orthodontics in turn comes from the Greek and means – “orthos” to straighten and “dontos” teeth – representing a separate specialty in dentistry, with the aim of improving the appearance, position and functionality of misaligned teeth and realigning them.

To make it easier to understand, we can say that through orthodontic procedures, the front teeth are correctly aligned by an orthodontist using fixed or mobile implants.

How does the incorrect position of the teeth affect us?

This incorrect position is not only an aesthetic problem, but can lead to real, very serious health problems. In addition to the fact that it will be very difficult for you to clean them well, even with a correct brushing method, this presents a very high risk for the development of cavities. Due to cavities, periodontal diseases can occur. In these cases, the first teeth can be lost quite early.

Also, due to the incorrect position, the masticatory muscles can be forced to exert even more effort than usual, causing not only headaches, but even the development of a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. In turn, muscle pain may occur in the neck, shoulders and spine in the thoracic region.

It should also be mentioned that such a position can lead to a wrong bite from an object or food, and a tooth fracture is possible. This is possible because these teeth are extremely exposed to impact or injury, with the rest of the dentition not taking the same level of shock.

What are orthodontic devices?

Orthodontic devices are means by which the position of the teeth is straightened and the bite adjusted, being of several types, fixed or mobile, visible or invisible. They are recommended by an orthodontist depending on each individual case. Braces, as they are otherwise known, work to realign teeth, retrain muscles and influence jaw growth. They work by putting gentle pressure on them and the teeth.

Depending on the severity of the case, a dentist can recommend what type of braces you need.

It is important to mention that orthodontic treatment has several advantages, with the most important being better oral health, a pleasant appearance and increased durability of the teeth.

In addition to the physiognomic appearance that dental braces give, they also give a state of health to the dento-maxillary apparatus.

Moreover, nowadays, if a potential patient does not want them to be seen, there are also invisible devices, precisely so that they can be worn but hidden. And now, thanks to modern techniques that exist even in our clinic, incorrectly aligned teeth can be corrected not only in children, but at any age! Call an orthodontist specialist from the Dr. Kurbe Center dental clinic for a specialist consultation.

Our specialists will make sure that they will help you as best as possible to solve your dental problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

And don’t forget one very important thing, in our clinic you can always benefit from the best offers.

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