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5 myths about braces 

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In the field of dentistry, there are some common myths about orthodontics that may discourage people from improving their dental health and wearing dental braces. In this article, we will explore five of these myths and reveal the truth behind them. 

Myth 1: Braces are exclusively for children 

Orthodontics is beneficial at any age and can make significant improvements in both the function and aesthetics of the smile. Regardless of age, wearing braces can be an effective solution for correcting dental alignment issues. Beyond the perception that braces are only for children, many adults discover the benefits of orthodontic treatments later in life. 

Dental problems such as crowded teeth, overbites or misalignment can cause chewing difficulties and even speech problems. Metal braces or Invisalign braces can correct these issues and improve chewing functions, smile aesthetics, and ultimately, your self-confidence, regardless of age. 

Myth 2: Braces are painful to wear 

Experiencing discomfort immediately after getting braces is common, but the pain is often less intense than expected. Modern technology and innovative materials used in braces are designed to minimize discomfort and provide increased comfort during wear. Feeling some pressure or discomfort at first as the teeth adjust to their new position and the braces fulfill their purpose of aligning teeth is normal. It’s important to communicate openly with your orthodontist to receive personalized advice and recommendations for managing discomfort associated with wearing braces. 

Myth 3: Braces always set off metal detectors   

Concerns that metal braces will set off metal detectors are common among those who consider getting  orthodontic treatment. However, modern braces are made of non-magnetic materials and therefore will not set off metal detectors used at airports or other security locations. These materials, such as nickel-titanium alloys and stainless steel, are safe. Although metal braces may be detected by some security devices, such as those used at airports, they do not pose a threat or a reason for concern. 

Myth 4: You can’t have an MRI if you wear braces 

Common lore holds  that metal braces may interfere with the MRI equipment. However most modern braces are safe to use during an MRI. The materials they are made of are non-magnetic and do not cause significant problems during medical imaging procedures. However, it is essential to always inform medical staff about the presence of braces before undergoing an MRI. This allows professionals to consider the presence of braces and apply necessary precautions to ensure patient safety and comfort during the procedure. 

Myth 5: Metal braces are the only option available  

Metal braces have long been considered the standard in orthodontic treatment. However, it’s important to understand that this is not the only option available if you are interested in getting braces in Bucharest. Currently, there are several modern and more aesthetic alternatives for those who want to correct dental alignment, such as invisible braces like Invisalign. There are numerous advantages associated with using Invisalign braces, from their discreet appearance, comfort, efficiency, to the personalized experience they bring to patients. 

Dr. Kurbe Center – the place where we take care of your teeth 

It’s important to address myths about braces with accurate and up-to-date information, whether we’re talking about metal braces or invisible braces. Braces are a great way for improving dental health and smile aesthetics. If you are looking for dental braces Bucharest, make an appointment with an orthodontist Bucharest at Dr. Kurbe Center to access a costumized treatment plan. 

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